Insane Labz: Insane Whey

Insane Labz: Insane Whey


Insane Whey By Insane Labz®

Having tasted all the great flavors that the Mad Chemist creates for pre-workout powders, BCAAs and even multi-vitamins - The Asylum faithful have long asked for a GREAT tasting Whey Protein from Insane Labz®. Using premium whey protein for building strength and lean muscle, we've created a smooth-mixing protein that is great for building strength - before or after workouts - or anytime additional protein would be beneficial. 

Per Serving(g)Premium Whey Protein25Carbohydrates3Sugar1.2

*If guaranteed shipping is selected for an order that includes Insane Whey, we will offer $18.00 store credit.  No other refund or compensation will be available.  

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